ASID MN Mentorship Program

DEFINITION: The Mentoring process is defined by the informational transmission of knowledge, social capital, and psychological support as relevant to work, career, and professional development and usually entails face to face communication during a sustained period of time, between a person of more experience and knowledge (mentor) and a person with less experience and knowledge (mentee).



-Suggested topics for discussion should be related to the business of interior design and may include client relationship skills, business to business relationships, networking and business building tips, daily business practices, tips on appropriate business attire, interview skills, resume building etc.

-Help mentee to network within ASID and the Design Community.

-Mentor and mentee should commit to an initial face to face meeting, and at least 3 other meetings or phone conversations and should set up a schedule that is mutually beneficial to both. May use ASID office for meetings.

-Duration of mentorship relationship can be up to the mentor and mentee but should be at least 6 months.

-Mentee should respect mentor’s time by scheduling meetings or phone calls ahead of time.

-Please be aware that this is a volunteer program so that a special thank you in the form of an e-mail, thank you note to the mentor would be appropriate.



-Must be Allied ASID member in good standing as an Emerging Professional which is defined as having graduated from college within 5-7 years.

-Must be employed or actively looking for employment in the interior design field.

-Must submit a short bio, a list of professional goals as a design practitioner and area of discussion to focus on.

Download Mentee Application Form



-Must be an active Allied ASID, ASID or IP member in good standing.

-Must be a practicing Interior Designer in either residential or commercial design or an Industry Partner

-Should have at least 10 years experience.

-Must have full knowledge of daily design practices.

- Should have good networking capabilities in design community and good relationships with vendors and industry partners.

-Be willing to mentor 1-2 emerging professionals.

Download Mentor Application Form