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There are great benefits for members who get involved: networking opportunities, leadership development, educational and fun activities — all while serving to maintain the professionalism of the industry, ASID and its members.

Our volunteer structure allows you to serve in the way that best meets your needs. Find a way to contribute and use your skills, interests and available time, and you will find your experience to be more rewarding.

Short-Term: For specific events or programs; these commitments are generally time-specific and focused, and occur throughout the year.

Ongoing: Committees that meet year-round; events that require significant planning; projects that require specific expertise or time commitment.

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Committee Mission Statements

Awards Banquet/Gala

To create, facilitate and orchestrate a first-class annual event celebrating interior design excellence within our ASID MN Chapter through the promotion of strong a partnership between ASID designers (residential and commercial alike) and the respective ASID industry partners garnering fundraising opportunities to directly benefit the MN Chapters.

Awards Submissions/Design Competition

To encourage participation and to promote the exemplary work of Minnesota Chapter ASID Practitioner Members through the annual design competition.

Community Service

To demonstrate message ASID message “Design Impacts Lives” by providing an avenue for designers to demonstrate their skills for the betterment of the larger community.

Design Directions

To facilitate and communicate within the ASID organization, to our practitioners, and industry partners the committee activities, ASID events, industry trends, relative legislation, current economics, and to educate and recognize awards and accolades.

Industry Partner Committee

To strengthen the relationship between Interior Designers and Industry Partners in the Minnesota Chapter of ASID in order to make a stronger more cohesive organization. Also, to make current IPS members feel vested in organization, thereby encouraging greater support and sponsorship of programs.

Interior Design Tour

To promote a public awareness of the value, education, skill and creativity of ASID MN designers through showcasing exceptionally designed spaces on a yearly tour. We aim to offer opportunities to ASID membership display their work and network with the public.

Membership Committee

To grow our membership, which involves expanding our outreach to interior design professionals, students, and industry partners; establishing a presence at events where we might have contact with members, potential volunteers or potential members, and promoting ASID as an inspiring, person, welcoming and professional organization.

Life in Bold Color

To promote public awareness of ASID MN designers’ excellence in the use of color and importance of color to interior design.

Programs Committee

To coordinate continuing education opportunities for the Minnesota Chapter of ASID, including a number of SEUs throughout the year. To accomplish this task, the committee works to provide:

Monthly Lunch & Learn opportunities covering a variety of topics interest to design community: and

Monthly evening programs with topics ranging from technology to product knowledge and networking opportunities.

Public Relations (PR Committee)

To promote ASID MN, ASID MN events, ASID MN designers, and the message of Design Impacts Lives for the elevation and betterment of the profession of interior design.

Sample Sale

To organize and administer the Minnesota Chapter of ASID’s annual fundraising-sale featuring products from ASID MN’s members and IMS Showrooms making them available to the public for a limited time.

Showcase Committee

To showcase professional design by ASID designers to the general community within the context of a unique home in an effort to raise funds and increased awareness for our chapter and our beneficiaries, while providing a cost conscious, finished product for the homeowner.

Sponsorship Committee

To coordinate, consolidate and centralize chapter and event sponsorship opportunities/benefits and to effectively educate and communicate to Industry Partners.

Get Involved Nationally

ASID relies on the commitment and dedication of its member volunteers to keep the Society's programs vital to and inform future projects. The following is a current listing of the Society's committees, councils and task forces. For information on leadership opportunities, email

List of Committees, Councils & Task Forces

Chapter Support Team

Emerging Professionals Advisory Council

Ethics Committee

Legislative and Codes Advisory Council

National Examiners Committee

Student Advisory Council