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It’s a proven fact: interior design transforms lives. Effective interior design makes workers more efficient, enables students to learn, and provides living spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and healthy as well as functional. The impact of the environments in which we live, work, play and heal is profound and must be human centric.

ASID interior designers are uniquely qualified by education and experience to enhance quality of life through the design of spaces that ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of the user, whether it be residential, commercial, sustainable or adaptable design.

When you hire an ASID interior designer, you can look forward to more than great design. You gain an experienced practitioner who can solve problems, help you avoid costly mistakes and - most importantly – create the ideal space to meet your needs and reflect your lifestyle.

Here’s why. . .

Experience - Gain custom-designed spaces that fit your needs and bring your vision to life. ASID members have the training and expertise to listen to your ideas, understand your needs and manage all the details of your project. Our designers have passed rigorous professional scrutiny and meet the profession’s education and experience requirements. As well, they adhere to a strict code of professional conduct.

Health and Safety - Knowledge about the codes, standards and information that foster health and wellbeing. ASID interior designers represent a wide variety of specialties including remodeling and new construction. Hiring a professional ASID MN member will result in a beautiful, functional space designed specifically to meet your needs.

Cost-Effectiveness - Professional insight that helps you prioritize your investment to create a solution that’s on time, on budget. Hiring an ASID designer can help you not only save money, but increase the value of your home or workplace. If you’re on a budget, an experienced professional knows how to get the best value out of every dollar you spend.

Unique Resources - Sources and collaborations nationwide to provide cutting edge solutions. ASID designers have access to extensive, and often unique, resources. ASID designers also provide specification and purchasing services to procure product, furnishings, lighting, floor and window coverings, accessories and art - some of which you might not be able to find on your own.

Project Management – Our designers have training and expertise to plan, schedule, execute and manage your project from start to finish. In addition to their in-depth knowledge of products, materials and finishes, ASID designers are collaborators. They know, and work closely with, vendors, contractors and other service providers, coordinating and orchestrating the entire design team.


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ASID MN advances the profession and communicates the impact of interior design to enhance the human experience. ASID interior designers are uniquely qualified by education, experience and accreditation to enhance the quality of life through design of spaces that ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of the user, whether it be residential, commercial, sustainable or adaptable design.