2024 Design Excellence Awards

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Categories listed below.

Registration runs:

September 5th - December 15th

Regular registration:

Oct. 16, 4:01PM - Dec. 15, 5PM

Entry rate $150/entry

*For first time entrants, a discounted entry fee of $50 may be applied for the first entry.


Late entries will NOT be accepted. NO Exceptions will be accommodated.

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Residential Categories

-Powder Room

-Bathroom 150 SF and under

-Bathroom 151 SF and over

-Bedroom Suite

-Kitchen 250 SF and under

-Kitchen 351 - 400 SF

-Kitchen 401 and over

-Multiple Rooms/Entire Residence, 1,000 SF and under

-Multiple Rooms/Entire Residence, 1,001 - 3,000 SF

-Multiple Rooms/Entire Residence, 3,001 - 6,000 SF

-Multiple Rooms/Entire Residence, 6,001 SF and over

-Singular Living / Special Purpose Space, 300 SF and under

-Singular Living / Special Purpose Space, 301 - 600 SF

-Singular Living / Special Purpose Space, 601 SF and over

-Show House Room or Model Home Room

-Vacation Home

-Specialty -Yacht, Plane, RV, Tiny house under 600SF (must be detached and mobile)

-Children's Bedroom/Youth Space

-Use of Color - Any Space

Residential Or Commercial

-Custom Designed Object / Detail

-Historic Restoration / Preservation

-Sustainable Design

-Universal Design


Commercial / Non-Residential Categories

-Corporate Small - 15,000 SF and under

-Corporate Large - 15,000 SF and over


-Hospitality - Living

-Hospitality - Service



Student Categories

-Student Commercial

-Student Residential